Thailand recognizes the growing relevance of information and communication technology systems. As a result, there is a need to prepare individuals who are up to speed on emerging technologies and capable of applying this specialized expertise for maximum profit. As a result, Silpakorn University recognizes the importance of producing graduates who can apply knowledge and have creative thinking skills to play a significant role in organizational operations and meet labor market demands, with the goal of producing graduates of all levels with high intellectual capabilities, creativity, firm commitment to virtues, endowed with morals, and a sense of responsibility to society. The institution intends to create graduates based on its existing capabilities, particularly in the arts, where Silpakorn is regarded as one of Thailand’s leading institutions.

Therefore, Silpakorn University has developed a project to establish the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, which is responsible for organizing teaching at Silpakorn University, Phetchaburi Information Technology Campus. Phetchaburi is a province with significant economic importance in the western region. This will enable a number of graduates to enter the labor market, contribute to the development and prosperity of local communities, and be a part of the development of information and communication technology systems, as well as the advancement in business. This is being initiated in the management and organization of teaching and learning.


It is a leading faculty in integrating information and communication technology with creativity, aimed at contributing to sustainable national development.


Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology

     1. Digital Technology for Business 
     2. Digital Technology for Design
       2.1 Animation Design
       2.2 Game Design
       2.3 Interactive Application Design

Bachelor of Communication Arts

     1. Communication Arts

       1.1 Mass Communication
       1.2 Business Communication
       1.3 Film