Digital Technology for Design


Bachelor of Sciences Program in Digital Technology for Design


Bachelor of Sciences (Digital Technology for Design)


The Animation program focuses on providing students with the practical skills needed to create high-quality animation and visual effects (VFX).

Students learn every step of the process from the beginning of animation creation, design concepts in theory, scripting language for computer graphics, to dynamic simulation techniques in order to produce quality work in their area of expertise. Students receive the opportunity to put the theory into practice,working in areas that they are proficient in to gain expertise, under the guidance of well-known and experienced animation professionals, who serve as consultants in the creative process and the production of complete animations.


Interactive Application is another fleld of study that focuses on supporting and developing students’ professional skills to meet the demands of advanced technology and online media usage. 

The program emphasizes training and developing skills in both design and programming, with a focus on creating a well-rounded experience. Students are introduced to the basics of design. Subsequently, they learn and practice using a variety of techniques to develop interactive applications that are suitable for various IT devices, develop programs for advanced websites, and design and develop database systems. Most importantly, they are able to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to create a wide variety of marketable products


The program focuses on the creative process of game design and aims to provide students with skills in both game design and programming. Students learn to create games and practice their skills throughout the entire development process.

Beginning with basic programming concepts, data structures, and program processing theory, students then learn about design theory and practice and delve into software specifically designed for intense game development to reach the target market. In addition, students are able to analyze the pros and cons of games in the market and develop creative and interesting ideas that appeal to consumers.